[dojo-contributors] dojox.editor cleanup

Bill Keese bill at dojotoolkit.org
Mon Sep 22 23:04:36 EDT 2008

Adam L. Peller wrote:
> Mike tells me that his plugins can easily be ported to run against the 
> current dijit.Editor.

OK, that's good, although I really don't want to hold up the 1.2 
release.  If Mike fixed these plugins by Wednesday I'd be happy to 
include them but otherwise I think we should just continue telling users 
that the new plugins only work against the refactored editor.

> I'd like to see us keep Alex's work orthogonal to 
> the extensions in dojox.editor, and also avoid the confusion of having 
> this work-in-progress appear at the top-level of a dojox subproject in a 
> way that's very visible to new users (huh? why does Dojo have two 
> Editors?)  I don't think there is much benefit to leaving the code in 
> trunk for 1.2, since there are known regressions and we are not seeking 
> testing.

FWIW, after rolling back the Editor refactor we found that many of the 
Editor issues were actually caused by orthogonal changes in dijit (to 
Toolbar, Button, etc.) which we subsequently fixed.   I'm not sure that 
the refactored Editor is that unstable (but need to test more).  IIUC, 
FWIW, Cougar and Dustin are using the new Editor code for production sites.

> Has there been any work in 
> dojox.editor (trunk) recently which would need to be merged to the 
> branch?

Yes, almost all the updates to dijit.Editor made after the rollback have 
   been merged to dojox.Editor.  Not so many, but there were a few.

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