[dojo-contributors] dojox.editor cleanup

Adam L. Peller adam at peller.org
Mon Sep 22 16:03:07 EDT 2008

dojox.editor started out about 2 months ago to host extensions to the
dijit.Editor, with some great contributions from Mike Wilcox.  I hope to see
many more plugins land there in the future.  Mike's plugins were built
against the dijit.Editor which at the time happened to include Alex's
patches for #6582 and #5707, but they were not largely dependent on these
changes.  When Alex's patches were reversed recently, the unfinished editor
landed in dojox.editor as a holding place and Mike's plugins were 'mixed in'
with the dijit plugins, all pointing to the new unfinished editor.  The
entire subproject effectively became a home for the new revision of the
editor rather than an incubator for extensions to the existing, more stable

Mike tells me that his plugins can easily be ported to run against the
current dijit.Editor.  I'd like to see us keep Alex's work orthogonal to the
extensions in dojox.editor, and also avoid the confusion of having this
work-in-progress appear at the top-level of a dojox subproject in a way
that's very visible to new users (huh? why does Dojo have two Editors?)  I
don't think there is much benefit to leaving the code in trunk for 1.2,
since there are known regressions and we are not seeking testing.  I
apologize for bringing this up so late in the development cycle.
Fortunately, I think it's easy to rectify.  I propose we remove the patched
Editor and associated code and tests from dojox.editor and go back to
development on an svn branch in 1.3, leaving only Mike's plugins, which
would be retrofitted to work against dijit.  A branch would simply be
created from [14991] just before Bill and Doug rolled back the patches in
#7549.  Alex is particularly comfortable working in a branch, and this is
the way major rewrites are supposed to happen in Dojo.  People who need the
editor can fetch it easily from the branch, and dev work can continue there.

Would this create a problem for anyone?  Has there been any work in
dojox.editor (trunk) recently which would need to be merged to the branch?
Hearing no objections, I'd like to take care of this by Wednesday.  I'll
wait until #dojo-meeting before I do anything.

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