[dojo-contributors] Browser Support

sam foster potatosculptor at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 12:19:32 EDT 2008

I can give a quick status update on the centralized test logging.
I got a quick proof of concept going by hacking at the test runner,
and had it posting off the results somewhere. Next I need to create
the recipient of that data. The plan is to use Persevere, and I'm told
this will be a fairly trivial application, but I'm stalled out on it
as I got pulled into a high priority work project. Initially we were
just going to collect data, and worry about reporting as a phase 2.
But this is exactly the concern we wanted to address - to check that
we are getting good cross-browser coverage. The results I'm collecting
so far are basically like what you'll see in the doh output - its a
json structure of tests passed, failed and errors, along with some
environment info, like dojo.version, and the user-agent string. That
too can be refined as we figure out what we really need.
If someone with more time wants to take this on, I can put together a
patch file and whatever else you need. Otherwise, I'll get it back off
the shelf as soon as I can (but not before)


On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 3:24 PM, Douglas Hays <doughays at us.ibm.com> wrote:
> I think haysmark talked with Dustin about setting up some test machines
> and then doing some daily regression testing. I think the biggest obstacle
> is time. haysmark is currently creating robot tests for dijit. When that's
> complete,
> he was going to start working on the cron job to automate the running of the
> tests on all browsers.
> - Doug
> David Bolter ---09/16/2008 10:07:45 PM---I wonder if someone could set up an
> tinderbox for dojo? Perhaps an hourly cron job to: svn update, r

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