[dojo-contributors] Documentation digest III

Nikolai Onken nikolai at nikolaionken.com
Wed Sep 17 09:08:23 EDT 2008

Hi all,

our third documentation digest :)
We are moving along quite well.

Here is an overview of what still needs a good look and documentation:

Dojo base

most modules have a fundamental amount of documentation. Some such as  
dojo.Color have none.
If anyone knows the dojo base in and out, it would be great if we can  
get that to a releaseable level


FX - still needs documentation
Dnd - the google doc is migrated, now could be split up in subtopics  
and needs examples
Other modules - it is probably best to do a general checkup and  
revision to see what is missing and what isn't


Dijit is almost complete, things which are missing are more specific  
examples and edge cases.
If you are using edge cases it would be great it they can be added to  
the docs as well


As the dojox requirement is not to be delivered with docs by default  
(am I right?) we should only make sure to document

Cometd? (I think its cool and we should document it ;) )

Any more documentation on top of that is just going to be good.
Btw. dojox.data is moving along in incredible speeds - I didn't even  
know there were so many stores around - beers to Jared :)

Once those topics are covered I think it is time to "declare  
victory" (As Bill said), and switch from migration mode do  
"continuous" documentation mode.

We will also try to set up the export functionality these days so we  
can test export to PDF and other formats.
API should be included soon as well. We still need to plan the  
integration of docs and the new site (in regards to infrastructural  
setup), but lets get the content done first.

Cheers to the docs,


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