[dojo-contributors] Question about licensing excanvas

Nathan Toone toonetown at dojotoolkit.org
Thu Sep 11 11:01:20 EDT 2008

That's fine as well...I just wanted to make it a bit easier to include  
using dojo.require...and to provide a "stepping stone" (perhaps) for  
starting to migrate canvas-based code to using dojox.gfx.

I'm not tied to including it in the dojo codebase...I just had thought  
that it might be useful for others...


On Sep 11, 2008, at 7:53 AM, Tom Trenka wrote:

> Just curious,
> Why does this need to move into dojo as one of our extension
> libraries?  The excanvas license allows anyone to pick it up there
> already if they want to, and we wont have to field questions about it
> and its limitations.
> In fact, I agree: I don't see any reason to move this into the Dojo  
> codebase at all.  Why not just use svn:externals to consume it, or  
> do what we've done in the past and give instructions on how to get it?
> regards,
> trt
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