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Eugene Lazutkin eugene at lazutkin.com
Sat Sep 6 13:00:19 EDT 2008

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Suspend/resume is an interesting idea. We need to research more on it,
to see hwo it can be supported across renderers. In general with Google
Chrome/V8 and Firefox/TraceMonkey coming down the pipe, the whole idea
of JavaScript-based retained mode, spacial indexing, and state
optimizations becomes viable.



Tom Trenka wrote:
| Just tested my font stuff, IE6/WinXP Core2Duo box, Silverlight.  All
| work better under Silverlight--although your observation about
| test_vectortext_load is very true.  The only two things I can see there
| that are different from everything else is the following:
| 1) I was resizing the surface after rendering every glyph in the font
| 2) I am rendering each glyph manually (i.e. not via <font>.draw())
| The scaling factor might be an issue as well, although it would seem the
| comic book test didn't have a real problem (though still slower than
| both Safari and FF).
| I have a feeling that part of the issue is not deferring rendering
| commands across plug-in boundaries, though I can't be sure.  If that's
| the case, I also have a feeling that I'm going to run into the same
| issues once I get back to the Flash-based renderer.
| I know this would require a major refactor but have you given any
| thought to the idea of deferring rendering at all?  Something to the
| effect of:
| dojox.gfx.suspend();
| //  drawing code here
| dojox.gfx.resume();
| ...or some other set of names.  The idea here would be similar to SVG's
| suspend/resume; you could push a set of commands into a queue and force
| the drawing all at once.  Nice thing about this idea is that it could be
| non-API changing (i.e. current commands would render at once if these
| are not used) but again it's a major refactor.
| Just a thought.
| regards,
| trt
| On Sat, Sep 6, 2008 at 2:19 AM, Eugene Lazutkin <eugene at lazutkin.com
| <mailto:eugene at lazutkin.com>> wrote:
| For Dojo 1.2 the Silverlight renderer was considerably improved.
| Following the latest Microsoft advise it doesn't use any 3rd party
| JavaScript files, and can be turned on by selecting a proper renderer.
| How to select a renderer? There is a special parameter in djConfig:
| gfxRenderer. It should be a string, which lists renderer names separated
| by commas in the order they should be tried by the gfx prologue. The
| current default is: "svg,vml,silverlight,canvas". It means that on all
| major browsers (except IE ans Safari on iPhone/iPad) SVG will be
| selected, VML will be used on IE, and Canvas will be used on iPhone/iPod.
| I plan to change the default to: "svg,silverlight,vml,canvas" after we
| ship 1.2. In practice it means, that SVG is still the preferred renderer
| for non-IE browsers, but Silverlight will be probed on IE and selected,
| if it is available, using VML as a fallback option.
| Why? Silverlight is much faster than VML and it is a much more accurate
| renderer meaning it produces pictures that are much closer to SVG
| visually than VML's ones. For example it allows to use the alpha channel
| in gradients, and it supports proper radial gradients. Of course it has
| some restrictions too that are mostly different from VML. You can read
| all gory details in our docs: http://docs.dojocampus.org/dojox/gfx
| But in order to make the change (planned for releases after 1.2) we need
| to test Silverlight renderer. How to do it? Use following string to
| include Dojo and you'll get it automatically on IE:
| <script type="text/javascript" src="../../../dojo/dojo.js"
| djConfig="isDebug: true, gfxRenderer: 'svg,silverlight,vml,canvas'">
| </script>
| Test it when Silverlight is present and when it is not (to see that the
| fallback works as expected). Get it here: http://silverlight.net/. Don't
| use Moonlight because it still has problems with the browser integration.
| How do I know if gfx uses Silverlight? Two ways to ensure that:
| 1) It says so in the Firebug Lite console: "gfx renderer = silverlight".
| Of course you can see it only if you enabled debugging.
| 2) Right-click on the picture (the surface) and you will see a totally
| different menu, which comes from Silverlight.
| Happy testing! We count on your help. If something is out of ordinary,
| and nobody filed a bug for it --- please file it. You can see the list
| of open bugs here:

| Thank you in advance,
| Eugene
| PS: It is possible to use Silverlight with Firefox on Windows, and with
| Safari on Mac, and even with Firefox on Linux, but why? These browsers
| have excellent SVG renderers. I don't expect you to test Silverlight on
| these platforms, do it on your own. Only IE is going to be officially
| supported.
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