[dojo-contributors] Documentation digest

Nikolai Onken nikolai at nikolaionken.com
Thu Sep 4 07:39:39 EDT 2008

Hi all,

a short status update for everyone regarding our docs.
I'll try to send a regular update so we can keep track of how far we  
are, its easy to loose track bearing the amount of stuff we could  
document :)

As we discussed, our doc release goal will be to have a releasable  
version for TAE.
As a minimum this should include the content of the dojo book.
If we can show the community that besides the great release features  
between last DDD and next DDD we have tackled the docs I am sure that  
we will get lots of positive feedback.
This will give the talks on the community day a solid foundation,  
people (and we) can refer to.

Woots ;)

I wanted to give a big w00t to Jared's doc effort on dojo.data (http://docs.dojocampus.org/dojo/data/ 
  or http://docs.dojocampus.org/dojox/data/FileStore or http://docs.dojocampus.org 
) and *all* others who already have invested lots of time - I am  
amazed how much I don't know :). Its great to read and learn more  
about Dojo every day. If we can keep up such a quality our docs will  
stand out besides others.


We still need to cover a lot of basics as we discussed in yesterdays  
meeting, the stuff we use on a daily base.
James already said that he will "attack" dojo._base - if you can pick  
modules from dojo as well that would be really good. Afaik most  
popular not documented modules are

* dojo.fx
* dojo.dnd (probably the entire dnd doc is already existing inthe  
google doc from Eugene - need to confirm status and then migrate)
* dojo.back


Dijits documentation coverage is getting pretty good, we are still  
missing a few of the non-form / non-layout widgets.
It would be great if you can go over what we have already and add  
stuff you know. A lot of the dijit pages are very example driven which  
is good, but probably therefore are still missing some features and  


Dojox is a huuge project which will take more time, it would be great  
if we can get documentation ready for the most promoted projects.

* Grid
* Charting
* Cometd?
* gfx?
* widget? (Some widgets are already documented)

For all other modules, each owner should invest as much time as  
possible to get those documented as well.

The whole project is moving along well. Tobias and I will make sure  
that https will work in the next few days and that the remaining  
features will get implemented (PHP upgrade =/, PDF, Api pulling, fix  
doctests, CLA check?).
It also would be good to take a look at forum and #dojo FAQs - if we  
see topics worth documenting we should throw them into docs as well -  
the more "real life" oriented we are the better.

  A few notes

Login: Just use your dtk account
Doc quickstart: http://docs.dojocampus.org/howto
Current book migration status: http://docs.dojocampus.org/bookmigration
What has been happening: http://docs.dojocampus.org/RecentChanges

If you need help ping phiggins, klipstein, remi-de or me (nonken) - or  
anyone else who has gotten familiar with reST
If you find bugs regarding the infrastructure please assign them to  
me, trac has a doc category iirc.
If you get chances to test the docs on all browsers, we can make sure  
our docs will work on all environments.

Huzaa to dojo.docs,


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