[dojo-contributors] Dojo 1.2.1 release time?

Eugene Lazutkin eugene at lazutkin.com
Mon Oct 27 16:23:44 EDT 2008

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Do you have any thoughts on http://bugs.dojotoolkit.org/ticket/7808 ---
the bug crops up frequently in our code, especially when widgets
constructed dynamically. Right now it is marked "tbd". It would be nice
to fix it in the "future" or any numeric release. ;-)



Adam L. Peller wrote:
| I cut a 1.2.1 release candidate 1 last night and posted to
| downloads.dojotoolkit.org <http://downloads.dojotoolkit.org>.  If
| someone has a fix for ContentPane or an analysis of the various
| ContentPane tickets, all marked 'tbd', we can roll another rc, but with
| none in sight I suggest we don't hold up the 1.2.1 release.  There can
| be a 1.2.2. <http://1.2.2.>
| -Adam
| On Sat, Oct 25, 2008 at 10:29 PM, Adam L. Peller <adam at peller.org
| <mailto:adam at peller.org>> wrote:
|     It seems like pretty much everything in the 1.2.1 queue has been
|     addressed, so I'd like to cut a release candidate by tomorrow night,
|     and hopefully get a release out soon thereafter.  There are a couple
|     more grid tickets we should try to get in there, otherwise we may
|     have a 1.2.2. <http://1.2.2.>  If anyone is aware of other issues,
|     speak now, or I'll be sending out an rc announce to this list rsn.
|     thanks
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