[dojo-contributors] Shrinksafe/custom_rhino.jar changes for Dojo 1.3/subversion trunk

James Burke jburke at dojotoolkit.org
Sun Oct 26 17:48:36 EDT 2008

See below for details, but this may impact any subversion hooks for
building Dojo Base? Do we have anything like that still in operation?
I guess any hooks that used custom_rhino.jar will likely need to
change with this change:

The relevant trac issue for this change:


I just committed a change in the subversion trunk related to
Shrinksafe/custom_rhino.jar. This change will be delivered in Dojo

The code for Shrinksafe used to be applied to the Rhino as a patch to
the Rhino code, and the toolkit had a binary of this patched file in
its source as util/shrinksafe/custom_rhino.jar.

Now, the shrinksafe changes are in a separate JAR file,
/util/shrinksafe/shrinksafe.jar, and it should be used in conjunction
with an unmodified js.jar (Rhino). Version 1.7R1 of Rhino is delivered
at util/shrinksafe/js.jar.

So, if you referenced custom_rhino.jar for doing build commands, you
should now reference the combination of shrinksafe.jar and js.jar. If
you use the build.sh or build.bat files in the util/buildscripts
directory, you do not have to make any changes. You can look at the
build.sh or build.bat file contents to see how to make build calls
with both JARs.


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