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Tom Trenka ttrenka at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 14:00:22 EDT 2008

> With Revin, you say he does developement with Dojo, does any of this
> developement make it back into Dojo in some form? (I'm on a celluar
> connection so checking myself would be difficult) but... if these are just
> projects written using Dojo and not Dojo things... I would say -1, but if
> these projects do end up in one of the Dojo projects, then +1...
> This being based on the fact that prior committer status required several
> small (bug fixes/enhancements) contributions and 1 major contribution that
> was reviewed and approved by a full committer). (In the case of Chris, I
> would think anyone would not have a problem with accepting the Dojo Module
> has his major contribution...)

This is an excellent question.  Revin has contributed back a number of small
fixes, but they were almost always handled by one of us fellow SitePen
people (/me studiously avoids "Sitepenners" ;)).  Tickets that come to mind


You can also use trac to look for things he's done:

He's also worked quite a bit with Kris Zyp on the RPC stuff, though most of
that was done via private Jabber, and implemented by Kris.  In terms of
major contributions, no he has not.  But I can vouch for his ability to add
major pieces, based on the work he has done privately for SitePen.

I hope that helps?

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