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Eugene Lazutkin eugene at lazutkin.com
Mon Oct 6 13:08:18 EDT 2008

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Personally I support alternative packaging of Dojo, and, consequently,
alternative Dojo-based libraries.




Wolfram Kriesing wrote:
| Imho the problem with dojo is that the name already has
| the attributes "big, slow, steap learning curve" (but also
| "professional"!) attached to it. I have heard that in many
| places not only at the Ajax Experience this year!
| No offense, but that is my observation (and not only mine!).
| And marketing will have a hard job changing that I guess,
| especially with where jQuery currently is.
| That was also the trigger for ddotjs.org (d.js).
| Reasons for d.js, that in my opinion are hard or at
| least much harder to achieve with dojo as it
| is known now:
| 1) one file library, that can do cool shit
| 2) download and go
| 3) simple examples make you understand
|   (almost all of it, at least people should
|   have this feeling!!)
|   docs are great but, not-needing-docs is even
|   cooler! Anyway, I planned to extract the necessary
|   parts form the docs and provide them as d.js-docs.
| 4) attract the hobby devs (like PHP did very well!,
|   currently jQuery does a great job in that)
| 5) Give it the small, neat, jQuery-kinda touch, by
|   providing a one-character namespace "d" for it
|   (instead of "$" :-) ).
| Another thought ...
| In the end, if d.js should take off (because of the
| reasons above) I would even suggest aim for another
| shot and "officially merging" it with dojo again when
| it hits the sweet spot, so dojo wins from all the hype,
| because that is the final goal, right!?
| Meanwhile, d.js can also be seen as a testing/play
| ground for new ideas for dojo, but that's another
| topic!
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