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Mike Wilcox mwilcox at sitepen.com
Mon Oct 6 10:47:44 EDT 2008

In my opinion, for what it's worth, I suggest that Dojo focuses on  
what is already different about it from JQuery (and the others - YUI  
shouldn't be neglected).

Just a very few things that could be on the home page:

- All widgets are included, no need to search for third party plugins  
- Completely open sourced and liberally licensed (YUI, EXT)
- We handle accessibility so you don't have to (this would sell a lot  
of people)
- i18n (another huge seller, not easily seen on the home page as a  
blurb under dijit)

Can we trumpet performance? Not the find-nodes-in-a-page race, but a  
full blown app, with dozens of widgets? My guess is this is where we  
stand out. Note numbers can be given the economics treatment - it's  
not 435 milliseconds faster - it's 120% FASTER!

While we certainly should abandon the who-is-faster race, or the who- 
is-smaller race, that's superfluous, and not what really sets any  
library apart.

Dojo could use some sort of tag line that tells not only users and  
visitors what we are about, but tells US what we are about. In this  
respect, attention should be paid on where new users come from, and in  
my experience (albeit limited), new users are often people within  
companies who are shopping around for the right Ajax Library to use  
for a new project.

It would benefit these shoppers if we told them who Dojo was for on  
the home page. I'm not a fan of the current slogan, as any that  
includes the term "everyone" always suggests to me that the target  
market is not known. I suggest "For the Professional JavaScript  
Programmer". This not only seems accurate, but is a subtle dig at  
JQuery's Rockstar Foobar.

I know docs are always an issue, but we can still promote what we  
have. A small section on the home page listing all of the different  
methods in which your company will be supported is valuable. You won't  
have to wait a week for the one guy who runs his library to answer  
your email ("get answers - FAST").

Finally, endorsements always lend credibility, if we could get some  
high ranking officers to say how great Dojo worked for their company.  
In the meantime, I do think we should copy JQuery's site and splatter  
as many "used-by" logos on our home page as we can. We currently only  
show the last three. It should look like a Nascar!

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