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Adam L. Peller adam at peller.org
Sun Oct 5 16:26:10 EDT 2008

Back in the 0.9 days, we had a plan to make just dojo.js, the ~25k version,
available for download at the main page.  Was there a reason we didn't go
through with it?  With all the hype JQuery has been getting, I think it's
more urgent than ever to separate base from the rest of the toolkit.  How
about we just offer up dojo.js on the landing page in a separate box (first,
so the first thing people see is something SMALL) then have the current
download buttons for "dojo, dijit, dojox" and shrinksafe below it?  Long
term, I wonder if it makes more sense to split out dijit, too, so people
know what they're getting.

We can also provide the CDN reference as a teaser, which has an even smaller
footprint :-)  Right now, that's hidden several links deep.  We could just
put the CDN tag(s) in the box.

Current download landing page:

We can refine this with the release of the new site.   Unless I hear any
objections, I'll take a stab at this tonight.
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