[dojo-contributors] IE8 support

Bill Keese bill at dojotoolkit.org
Wed Oct 1 19:13:53 EDT 2008

There were a lot of answers to my email about 1.3 direction but there 
seems to be a consensus to work on IE8 and release 1.3 quickly.   That 
was the outcome from the meeting today too, so...

So after we get 1.2 out the door and announced (in the next few days), 
and get the docs.dojocampus.org stuff "finished", or at least up to par 
with the previous version of "the book", let's all focus on IE8.

Some issues to consider are:

   - if a page is in compatibility mode (with a meta tag) do we just set 
dojo.isIE and dijit's sniff variable on <body> as though the browser was 
IE7 or IE6?

   - theoretically for testing there should be three versions of every 
single test file, one in IE6 compat mode, one in IE7 compat mode, and 
one plain one.   And we should test each of them.  Actually there should 
be more versions because of quirks mode vs. standards mode, is that 8 
possibilities total??

Not sure what the practical compromise is though.   Adding all those 
manual test files and running them by hand is prohibitively expensive. 
  When we get more automated tests for dijit that will make things 
better, although it's still unclear how to have different test files... 
maybe convert every test to a PHP file that takes a compat-mode flag?

Anyway, seems like a long term problem that we won't be able to address 
for a 1.3 release in November.  The important thing is to get IE8 
working so that dojo's customers can upgrade their websites and not be 
caught w/their pants down when IE8 is released.

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