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Mark Hays haysmark at us.ibm.com
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Thanks for the test suite+extensions, and for me, that test still had the 
same problem: when I stepped through and fired the keyPress in 
TestAutoComplete, 'e' was not entered in IE, but was in Firefox. Now of 
course, you test for "text present" and so your test passes since Greece 
is still in the dropdown, but it's not the only value in the list in IE. 
If we wanted to test a dijit-style autocomplete=true and wanted to see if 
the value of the textbox filled in by itself to Greece, your extensions 
would still not be sufficiently x-browser.

Even if that was working, my other concern with using pure JS 
methods/hacks to automate keypresses is that even if we get 'safe' keys 
like letters firing consistently, we still won't be able to fire the 
default actions for "unsafe" keys like tab, F10, and in the extreme case, 
alt-F4. Even the Firefox code can't tab to the next field, for instance. 
It most certainly won't alt-F4! You just can't do that kind of stuff in 

Yet that missing functionality is exactly what our a11y people are 
requiring from us. By invoking Java from Selenium/Windmill JavaScript in a 
trusted applet (like living in the DOH runner or dijit's testcommon), we 
get that functionality.

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Re: [dojo-contributors] selenium vs. windmill

Regarding IE not actually typing the keys...

a few year ago (dojo 0.2 era) while working on an early tacos version,
we used a user extension for handling keys - probably due to
Selenium not (yet) offering such functionality.

So, looking again at TestAutocomplete from:

it see that IE is actually typing the keys - though i've forgotten the
details on how this worked...

Anyway, the (definitively ugly) code is still at

On Wed, May 28, 2008 at 1:03 AM, Mark Hays <haysmark at us.ibm.com> wrote:
> David, I thought that Windmill code seemed strangely familiar. It is 
> ripped from Selenium's htmlutils.js! The resemblance is uncanny:

> So I was not surprised when I fired up Windmill in IE and discovered 
> BOTH Windmill and Selenium have the exact same keyboard event bug I 
> Becky. When you call windmill.events.triggerKeyEvent/selenium.typeKeys,
> Firefox actually types the keys, but IE only sends the event; the text
> doesn't appear. This means that neither Windmill nor Selenium have 
> keyboard support. To resolve this, I have a java.awt.Robot applet proof 
> concept to do proper keyboard support for us that works with either 
> or Windmill.
> I've used both Selenium and Windmill, and for me, here's what it comes 
> to:
> - Selenium has a Grid, Windmill does not.
> - Selenium Grid has demos+documentation, Windmill is still a WIP
> - Selenium Grid comes pre-compiled, Windmill is python source, and 
> python dependencies in turn have VS2003 dependencies in Windows.
> Now, maybe promises from the Windmill folks for: a Grid, more 
> binary Windows builds, and fixing browser security restrictions so 
> works, will drive us to choose Windmill. And it would be great if they
> delivered all of that for us right now. But it seems to me that we 
> these things yesterday and Selenium already had them.
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