[dojo-contributors] selenium vs. windmill

Andreas Andreou andyhot at di.uoa.gr
Tue May 27 18:49:44 EDT 2008

Regarding IE not actually typing the keys...

a few year ago (dojo 0.2 era) while working on an early tacos version,
we used a user extension for handling keys - probably due to
Selenium not (yet) offering such functionality.

So, looking again at TestAutocomplete from:
it see that IE is actually typing the keys - though i've forgotten the
details on how this worked...

Anyway, the (definitively ugly) code is still at

On Wed, May 28, 2008 at 1:03 AM, Mark Hays <haysmark at us.ibm.com> wrote:
> David, I thought that Windmill code seemed strangely familiar. It is just
> ripped from Selenium's htmlutils.js! The resemblance is uncanny:
> http://svn.openqa.org/fisheye/browse/~raw,r=2075/selenium/trunk/src/main/resources/core/scripts/htmlutils.js
> So I was not surprised when I fired up Windmill in IE and discovered that
> BOTH Windmill and Selenium have the exact same keyboard event bug I showed
> Becky. When you call windmill.events.triggerKeyEvent/selenium.typeKeys,
> Firefox actually types the keys, but IE only sends the event; the text
> doesn't appear. This means that neither Windmill nor Selenium have x-browser
> keyboard support. To resolve this, I have a java.awt.Robot applet proof of
> concept to do proper keyboard support for us that works with either Selenium
> or Windmill.
> I've used both Selenium and Windmill, and for me, here's what it comes down
> to:
> - Selenium has a Grid, Windmill does not.
> - Selenium Grid has demos+documentation, Windmill is still a WIP
> - Selenium Grid comes pre-compiled, Windmill is python source, and Windmill
> python dependencies in turn have VS2003 dependencies in Windows.
> Now, maybe promises from the Windmill folks for: a Grid, more documentation,
> binary Windows builds, and fixing browser security restrictions so htmlutils
> works, will drive us to choose Windmill. And it would be great if they
> delivered all of that for us right now. But it seems to me that we needed
> these things yesterday and Selenium already had them.
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