[dojo-contributors] selenium vs. windmill

Mark Hays haysmark at us.ibm.com
Tue May 27 18:03:15 EDT 2008

David, I thought that Windmill code seemed strangely familiar. It is just 
ripped from Selenium's htmlutils.js! The resemblance is uncanny:

So I was not surprised when I fired up Windmill in IE and discovered that 
BOTH Windmill and Selenium have the exact same keyboard event bug I showed 
Becky. When you call windmill.events.triggerKeyEvent/selenium.typeKeys, 
Firefox actually types the keys, but IE only sends the event; the text 
doesn't appear. This means that neither Windmill nor Selenium have 
x-browser keyboard support. To resolve this, I have a java.awt.Robot 
applet proof of concept to do proper keyboard support for us that works 
with either Selenium or Windmill.

I've used both Selenium and Windmill, and for me, here's what it comes 
down to:
- Selenium has a Grid, Windmill does not.
- Selenium Grid has demos+documentation, Windmill is still a WIP
- Selenium Grid comes pre-compiled, Windmill is python source, and 
Windmill python dependencies in turn have VS2003 dependencies in Windows.

Now, maybe promises from the Windmill folks for: a Grid, more 
documentation, binary Windows builds, and fixing browser security 
restrictions so htmlutils works, will drive us to choose Windmill. And it 
would be great if they delivered all of that for us right now. But it 
seems to me that we needed these things yesterday and Selenium already had 
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