[dojo-contributors] selenium vs. windmill

David Bolter david.bolter at utoronto.ca
Mon May 26 10:41:37 EDT 2008

Hi Bill,

In terms of keyboard synth support Windmill looks promising:

I've not looked deeply (yet) though.

Do we have a list of our requirements?  Maybe we could pass the list on 
to each community and see what we get back.

Bill Keese wrote:
> I'd like to get feedback from the group on selenium vs. windmill.   I
> know a number of people have been working w/Selenium:
>  - cougar has tests for editor
>  - mark has selenium proof of concept with a few widgets
>  - rcoup did some experiments w/selenium:
> http://rob.coup.net.nz/2008/01/automated-dojo-testing-doh-selenium-rc.html
> OTOH, IIUC Sitepen is using windmill, and tavchon talked about it at DDD
> (and his company is using it too).
> Was hoping to talk about it at Wednesday's meeting, if there's interest?
>   Of course we also need to talk about 1.2 but maybe do
> Selenium/Windmill in the second hour.
> Bill
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