[dojo-contributors] selenium vs. windmill

Dustin Machi dmachi at sitepen.com
Mon May 26 09:25:03 EDT 2008

> OTOH, IIUC Sitepen is using windmill, and tavchon talked about it at DDD
> (and his company is using it too).
I'm not sure that this is very accurate (the sp part).  We are all just 
interested, the same as everyone else at Dojo, in having a way to 
automate testing of the UI elements of dojo.  Previously this was 
difficult with Selenium and noone seemed interested in investing the 
time to figure it out and I understood that previous versions of 
Selenium had some limitations which would have kept us from reaching our 
goals if we had someone investing the time.  However as you mention many 
others have been working on selenium and Dylan has also indicated that 
somone (google?) has been helping with selenium over the past year and 
has brought it within reach. 

I believe that tvachom originally told us that they created Windmill 
because, at the time it was started, there was nothing else.  All that 
said, we also know that Windmill is specifically used to test dojo for 
the OSAF.  I'm not personally aware of the specific limitations of 
either solution.

I believe everyone at Sitepen will be happy with any solution that works :)


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