[dojo-contributors] BorderContainer etc. styling

Bill Keese bill at dojotoolkit.org
Thu May 22 07:00:58 EDT 2008

Hi Alex, thanks for the feedback.

Alex Russell wrote:

> can there be a "noBorder" flag or something similar for uses like this  
> which don't find themselves inside of a splitter of some variety?  
> Alternately, could there be a CSS rule that makes the determination  
> (modulo the IE 6 issue)?

I suspect we'll need to do something like this:

BorderContainer/TabContainer/etc. add a special class to their children 
based on the child's type.   So for example a ContentPane inside a 
BorderContainer would get:


(or maybe something shorter).   That lets ContentPane adjust it's look 
depending on it's parent.

> 2.) it seems like we keep hitting the child-selector thing, and indeed  
> it seems a primary contributor to the explosion of the size of the  
> Dijit CSS files. Perhaps we need some unified utility or pattern to  
> handle it instead of adding ever-more classes to the themes?

The "child-selectors not working" problem is probably not as damaging as 
you think.

As you know "foo > bar" doesn't work on IE and the problem with "foo 
bar" is that a parent widget's class can affect how a child widget looks.

However, for something like Button, a selector like ".dijitButton 
.dijitLabel" is perfectly fine; we don't need a special dijitButtonLabel 
class, and Nikolai and I have talked about getting rid of such classes.

> 3.) the length of some of the CSS names is starting to be a  
> contributor to overall toolkit size. Perhaps we should consider some  
> shorter abbreviations?

Maybe.   It's a tradeoff between size and obfuscation.  It's hard to 
guess that "dTCL" means "dijitTabContainerLabel".

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