[dojo-contributors] Recent changes at dtk.org...

Tom Trenka ttrenka at gmail.com
Tue May 20 11:23:04 EDT 2008

Inline as well.

> This is a known issues and we plan to port the QuickStart Guide into
> DTK chrome very soon. The current situation is temporary. Any time you
> can spare to help get it converted would be most appreciated.

OK, will do.

> That said, it was clearly in our best interests to ensure that we get
> the guide linked prominently ASAP...more important (in the short run)
> than where it lives.

Some warning that you're about to leave the site might not be a bad
idea.  Not sure how to pull that off in Drupal though, perhaps we'll
need to lift some older JS code to insert "leaving the site" icons on
links out of the site onload.  Might not be a bad idea to do that
anyways, just on principle.

>> A suggestion would be to instead either bring some of that content
>> into dtk itself, or at least put that link on a landing page within
>> dtk; perhaps with a shorter version?
> please coordinate w/ phiggins.
>> 2. The information for using the AOL CDN seems to have disappeared.
>> The other day I went hunting for that link/information and it seems to
>> be gone.  What happened to it?  Wasn't there instructions for using it
>> right on the download page?  The only info I ended up finding was in
>> the book, which is kind of buried (and I seem to remember that info
>> being inaccurate as well)...
> Not sure what's going on there. The data is still at
> build.dojotoolkit.org...

Ah, ok.  To be honest with you, I didn't know about
build.dojotoolkit.org; I think that might be a further indication that
we still have issues with having bits and pieces of info all over the
place.  When I asked Pete about the x-domain thing this morning, he
pointed me to the same place...it comes up with a set of directories,
no explanation as to what that is or why.  Only when I clicked into a
specific build did I find the info I was looking for.

I seem to remember though that when we post new downloads (on that
page with the button, inside the site) there used to be instructions
there to use the latest x-domain build.  Maybe we should restore that
for the short term (or add it if I was remembering incorrectly).

>> Should we have a plan of some sort?  At least a discussion of what's
>> going on?
> I unilaterally made many of the recent nav changes in order to better
> match the IA we're exposing to the flows that people will actually
> need to take through the site.
> There is a comprehensive rework underway (courtesy of SitePen), and I
> think we can share widely some of the documents related to this effort
> this week.

I think that would be a good idea; I would not expect that a committee
discussion on the direction drastically affect any of the current
plans but I do think that keeping lines of communication open would be
a benefit to the community as a whole.

I also think that maybe you'd be willing, when you make changes like
that, to just shoot out a courtesy email letting everyone know what
you did?  I know sometimes changes like that come as a surprise to
many of us, and when the overall community starts asking about it it'd
be good to be able to respond with a little background.


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