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I'll take the blame on these. Detailed response inline.

On May 20, 2008, at 4:43 PM, Tom Trenka wrote:

> Hi all,
> So I've noticed that there have been some recent navigation changes to
> the dojotoolkit.org site; I'm not sure who's doing what but there's a
> couple of things I've noticed:
> 1. The addition of the Quick Start link to the main menu and the big  
> menus.
> Apparently clicking this link takes you directly out of the site and
> over to Pete's SitePen-based Quick Start guide.  While that guide is
> excellent, I find it pretty disconcerting when I click on that link
> that I'm suddenly at a place that does not seem related to dtk.org
> anymore, with no obvious way of getting back without hitting the back
> button.

This is a known issues and we plan to port the QuickStart Guide into  
DTK chrome very soon. The current situation is temporary. Any time you  
can spare to help get it converted would be most appreciated.

That said, it was clearly in our best interests to ensure that we get  
the guide linked prominently ASAP...more important (in the short run)  
than where it lives.

> A suggestion would be to instead either bring some of that content
> into dtk itself, or at least put that link on a landing page within
> dtk; perhaps with a shorter version?

please coordinate w/ phiggins.

> 2. The information for using the AOL CDN seems to have disappeared.
> The other day I went hunting for that link/information and it seems to
> be gone.  What happened to it?  Wasn't there instructions for using it
> right on the download page?  The only info I ended up finding was in
> the book, which is kind of buried (and I seem to remember that info
> being inaccurate as well)...

Not sure what's going on there. The data is still at  

> I know there are efforts underway to try to improve the user
> experience on the site, but right now (looking in from the outside) it
> seems like those efforts are pretty private, and then a few changes
> get made without any real goals in mind.  I've noticed some other
> changes as well but these two were quick ones that threw me off for
> sure; imagine what it might be like for a person getting started?
> Should we have a plan of some sort?  At least a discussion of what's  
> going on?

I unilaterally made many of the recent nav changes in order to better  
match the IA we're exposing to the flows that people will actually  
need to take through the site.

There is a comprehensive rework underway (courtesy of SitePen), and I  
think we can share widely some of the documents related to this effort  
this week.


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