[dojo-contributors] Recent changes at dtk.org...

Tom Trenka ttrenka at gmail.com
Tue May 20 10:43:04 EDT 2008

Hi all,

So I've noticed that there have been some recent navigation changes to
the dojotoolkit.org site; I'm not sure who's doing what but there's a
couple of things I've noticed:

1. The addition of the Quick Start link to the main menu and the big menus.
Apparently clicking this link takes you directly out of the site and
over to Pete's SitePen-based Quick Start guide.  While that guide is
excellent, I find it pretty disconcerting when I click on that link
that I'm suddenly at a place that does not seem related to dtk.org
anymore, with no obvious way of getting back without hitting the back

A suggestion would be to instead either bring some of that content
into dtk itself, or at least put that link on a landing page within
dtk; perhaps with a shorter version?

2. The information for using the AOL CDN seems to have disappeared.
The other day I went hunting for that link/information and it seems to
be gone.  What happened to it?  Wasn't there instructions for using it
right on the download page?  The only info I ended up finding was in
the book, which is kind of buried (and I seem to remember that info
being inaccurate as well)...


I know there are efforts underway to try to improve the user
experience on the site, but right now (looking in from the outside) it
seems like those efforts are pretty private, and then a few changes
get made without any real goals in mind.  I've noticed some other
changes as well but these two were quick ones that threw me off for
sure; imagine what it might be like for a person getting started?

Should we have a plan of some sort?  At least a discussion of what's going on?


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