[dojo-contributors] Back to work...

Peter E Higgins dante at dojotoolkit.org
Sat May 10 10:30:00 EDT 2008

Thanks everyone,

The tests have all been updated and cleaned up (as far as I can find). 
Please yell if I missed something, or broke anything. I tested as well 
as I was able (ff2, ie6, safari3)
and think I'm completely done. See #6664 for all the details of what is 

Added a new file: dijit/tests/_testMatrix.php - and removed the 
pseudo-matrix from _testCommon.js -- all tests default to tundra.  This 
is the format we've agreed upon,
based on the ticket.  Please use the same format when adding new tests.

Thanks again, just wanted to tell anyone listening you are free to 
commit tests again :)

Peter Higgins

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