[dojo-contributors] what we left behind...

Peter E Higgins dante at dojotoolkit.org
Fri May 9 19:04:56 EDT 2008

Alex Russell wrote:
> To clarify:
>     * you MUST send in a CLA for any contributions hosted on Dojo  
> Foundation servers. No exceptions. Ever.
Please excuse my ignorance, but things like dojox.encoding.md5/sha1 
(BSD) don't appear to be under CLA?  We have several BSD-released  
products  we ship  with the Dojo Toolkit w/ proper attribution, though 
this seems like an exception?  Not trying
to "start" anything, but would you mind to clarify the difference?
> If we think that there should be a separate repo someplace, lets pool  
> our money and lease a server somewhere else, not under the  
> Foundation's umbrella, and make a new project to host modules there.  
> I'm totally for that. But we can't do that at the Foundation.
no need to pool money, the host has been donated already.  Just waiting 
for it to be finalized, and then begin the chore of setting up svn / 
auth / etc. perhaps I/we can recruit dustin for some initial setup work, 
as he's just gone to lengths to get such a thing setup.

Peter Higgins

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