[dojo-contributors] what we left behind...

Peter E Higgins dante at dojotoolkit.org
Fri May 9 18:12:06 EDT 2008

Shane O'Sullivan wrote:
> Perhaps Pete could chime in here - I was under the impression that a
> CLA was not required for dojoc, so that the community at large could
> contribute much more easily.  Is this incorrect?  If it is correct,
> then exactly what kind of proof of ownership will we have to demand of
> people before accepting contribtions?
It was my initial intention to have an external repository not covered 
by the same CLA conventions as the toolkit. I was under the same 
impression as Tom, that we only require that for actual delivered 
product, but have been wrong before. It just turns out that, thus far, 
no one with commit privs to dojoc doesn't have a CLA, so it's not been 
an issue, yet.

DojoCampus has recently been donated a dedicated machine in the U.S., so 
perhaps we can setup the repository there.  All the explorer code in is 
dojoc/, and the intention was to allow people to write small examples of 
common things without having to go through the "trouble" of 
printing/signing/faxing for a trivial contribution.

I understand the importance of the CLA, but strongly desire a place 
where people can simply say "look what I did", and others can 
collaborate. Alex made it clear  svn:dojoc is not the place for that.

Peter Higgins

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