[dojo-contributors] Dojo 1.1.1 status

Greg Wilkins gregw at mortbay.com
Fri May 2 18:44:31 EDT 2008

Adam L. Peller wrote:
> So we talked about doing 1.1.x releases on an as-needed basis, and so 
> far, I don't think we've seen many critical bugs reported on the 1.1 
> release!  I'm not sure if that's good news that people are so satisfied 
> with the release, or bad news that issues aren't getting reported.  Here 
> are the list of open bugs. 

the fix that went into cometd to change a "subscribe" back to "unsubscribe"
is a rather important fix and makes 1.1.0 pretty poor for production comet.
So a 1.1.1 sooner rather than later would be good for cometd.



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