[dojo-contributors] dojo-contributors Digest, Vol 50, Issue 3

Craig Riecke craig at tofuna.com
Thu May 1 19:56:52 EDT 2008

This is all thought-provoking stuff.  I feel bad about letting the 
dandelions grow in the online book, so now that the Pragmatic Book's 
done, am glad to hop back on the lawn mower and get going.  You have no 
idea how glad :-)

However, it seems prudent to have a plan. With the excellent resources 
at dojocampus and the API guide, the online manual's direction can (and 
should) morph into something different than our original vision back in 
March 2007 when we starting rewriting the book for 0.9.   I have lots of 
feedback from Alex, Eugene, and others, plus this thread and the forum 

Does anybody object to my coming up with a plan? Then we can get some 
volunteers and stuff...

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> Re: [dojo-contributors] 1.1 overload
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> Dustin Machi <dmachi at sitepen.com>
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> Thu, 01 May 2008 11:58:00 -0400
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> Bill Keese wrote:
>> Dustin Machi wrote:
>>> While I'm sure the manual is out of date in some place, I don't 
>>> think "really out of date" is really a fair statement.  If it is 
>>> then we have entirely failed to have any sort of 1.0 compat 
>>> throughout the lib.

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