[dojo-contributors] 1.1 overload

Bill Keese bill at dojotoolkit.org
Thu May 1 01:55:26 EDT 2008

> The other thing that worries me w.r.t. the web (and I'm sure we repeat 
> this conversation every six months) is that most of the dojo information 
> on the web (the stuff that google points to) is hopelessly out of date, 
> including dojo.jot.com, manual.dojotoolkit.org, and even the online book 
> on dtk.org (plus also other sections on dtk.org too, ike 
> dtk.org/developer/dijit).

PS: My original message might not have been clear...

There are actually two issues.  Deleting obsolete pages like 
dojo.jot.com is actually the simpler of the two.  The harder (ie, more 
time-consuming) task is updating the online manual which I assume has 
gotten really out of date.

Having said that, there's a lot of redundancy between the online manual 
and other sites, specifically the examples on dojocampus and the 
auto-generated API guide, so maybe we should get rid of that info from 
the manual, although I'm reluctant to remove the API info from the 
manual until we can get the metatdata and infrastructure support so the 
auto-generated API guide can differentiate between protected and public 
methods, and also between initialization parameters/event 
handlers/normal methods/callbacks that the user should override.

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