[dojo-contributors] regards to #2825 - port toggler to dijit

Alex Russell alex at dojotoolkit.org
Sun Jun 17 23:01:50 EDT 2007

Lets think a bit harder about this:

	* most animations need togglers and we haven't implemented one in Core 
	* animations are node based, and so are the animations on widgets
	* the show/hide "is visible?" semantics in 0.4.x were *really* borken
	* we want to let widget authors provide nice transitions
	* those transitions might not be for the top-level node

As an example of the last one, I very often wish that tab container 
contents could fade through to each other (or fly in/out, etc.). The 
PageContainer widget should easily allow this to happen, and it could 
be implemented w/ fadeIn/fadeOut transition on the various ContentPanes 
involved. The only real question here is where to store 
animation/toggler state. I think togglers should probably be 
node-focused but be class instances which widgets can hold on to and 

Other thoughts?


On Saturday 16 June 2007 3:28 pm, peter e higgins wrote:
> ... i disagree with a 'wontfix' on this ...
> it seems like a safe 'toggler' class that all 'showable' widgets
> could use to cleverly show() and hide() based on a single attrib
> [toggle="fx"] would be wonderful, not trivial.
> dojo core include fadeIn/Out slideIn/Out already, and it would be
> 'trivial' to have animateProperty animations made for a wide variety
> of scalable toggle animations ... or even just have the structre
> there to extend upon would be wonderful for developers ...
> Regards,
> peter higgins

Alex Russell
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