[dojo-contributors] Optimized/Unoptimized Build Flag?

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> I'm not up on the offline stuff yet, but here are some
> questions/thoughts. In general, I don't think it would be good for you
> to hardcode in a list of things to load, if that is possible. But
> again, I might not understand the problem yet.

I don't hard code the list, that's the point ;) A user adds their stuff to
the offline list:


But, for Dojo to run, there is alot of other stuff if you are a
non-optimized build. This is what
I add internally. I found a way to differentiate optimized and non-optimized

1) After dojo loads, you can check the dojo._loadedUrls array would
> tell you what files have been loaded. You might also want to intercept
> dojo.require/platformRequire/requireIf/requreAfterIf calls after
> loading in case the application loads new things during the course of
> operation. Does that help?

I already to this actually. The issue is that any build could be using
requires. What I needed was to pull in the loader/bootstrap system if you
are a non-optimized build, which I can now detect by looking for a script
tag that is the _bootstrap.js file.

2) Would it help if we had a gears manifest file? I don't know gears
> yet or how it works with Dojo offline, so this might be the wrong
> question to ask. However, if it would help, perhaps we can see about
> generating one automatically on an svn commit, then during a build,
> the manifest would be updated with the build output?

I don't like the Gears manifest system, since I can't autogenerate it from
the JavaScript. Plus its a bit heavy. What I have is working, using the
non-managed part of Google Gears. Plus, the manifest file could be pulling
in lots of stuff the dev doesn't need.

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