[dojo-contributors] SVN for Mac help

Torrey Rice itorrey at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 17:23:05 EDT 2007

Try SmartSVN

Owen Williams wrote:
> Howdy.  I've been struggling along with SVN in the Mac terminal, but
> recently it's become very clear to me that I would enjoy the process
> more (and make less mistakes) if I was using a GUI.  
> I've downloaded SVNX  ( http://svnx.lachoseinteractive.net/wiki/ ) and
> it seems to come with no documentation at to speak of.  Anyone know
> how to use it?  I'm afraid to play around because I don't know what
> actions will affect the server.
> Or if there's another SVN GUI you like better, I'd love to hear about
> that.
> Please ping me off-list if you can help me get set up -- either to
> this email address or to "owenoak" at gtalk.  I think once I'm set up,
> I'll be fine.  I'll take on writing up some simple instructions for
> those wanting to follow in the same path.
> thanks
> Owen
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