[dojo-contributors] Splitting projects between dojo and dojox

Ben Lowery blowery at dojotoolkit.org
Fri Jun 1 09:46:02 EDT 2007

> Alex and I (and I think Bill, though I really haven't discussed  
> this with him) see one of DojoX's functions as a place to develop  
> something outside of Dojo and Dijit, with an aim to moving it to  
> either eventually.  All I'd say is make sure Alex is on board with  
> your ideas and basic game plan, and then split according to your  
> judgement.

If one of the goals is to incubate code in dojox for a while and then  
move it to dojo core later on when it's baked, should we consider  
hanging that code off the dojo object instead of the dojox object?  
That way when the move happens, all the consumer would have to change  
are the requires instead of having to dig through all of their code  
looking for dojox.{func1, func2, ..., funcN}


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