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Owen Williams owen at smartsoul.com
Fri Jun 1 04:21:16 EDT 2007

Howdy.  I've been slaving away and finally have checked in the latest  
round of dijit template changes.  Specifically, big changes to  
Button, DropDownButton, ComboButton, AutoCompleter/Select and Spinner.

There are still some minor problems, but the individual test pages  
are basically rendering in FF, Safari and IE6/7.  (Some problems on  
page load in IE which I'm not sure are due to my changes -- if  
someone can track these down I'd appreciate it).  I think I got all  
the a11y stuff correct, but it's hard for me to tell.

I've also checked in the start of a new theme, "blackie" (see link  
below).  Also, you can check out (more or less) what things look like  
in a11y mode by putting the class "dijit_a11y" on the outer node of  
your page (this is roughly what folks will see in high-contrast mode  
on Windows).


Check out page /dijit/themes/templateThemeTest.html (which will go  
away eventually) to see the interactivity on Blackie -- I think it's  
coming along pretty   good.

I'm completely fried on this and need to take a break for a few days  
from it.  If you were waiting on me to check things out or fix bugs,  
please have at it.
I'm probably not going to look at any bugs on this until next week as  
I have other stuff to get done this weekend and I need a break.


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