[dojo-contributors] Splitting projects between dojo and dojox

Bill Keese bill at dojotoolkit.org
Thu May 31 22:50:24 EDT 2007

It seems like page auto-scrolling (or auto-scrolling by the border of 
whatever div you are near) is a really basic feature so I'd love to see 
that in core.   It doesn't seem like it would be a lot of code.

Also, I would hope/think that you could do constrained movement without 
a lot of code; Slider needs that functionality (although I guess it 
could implement it itself; it seems trivial)

Luckily DnD is not part of _base so the size restrictions aren't super 
strict, although it shouldn't be incredibly big.

PS: I do agree w/what Tom said that experimental stuff should go in 
dojox, generally speaking.

Eugene Lazutkin wrote:
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> Finally I started to address enhancements for DnD: various constrained
> moves, more flexible API, page auto-scrolling. All these features are
> nice and useful. The only problem is the potential code bloat of Dojo Core.
> When I set to redo DnD I decided to get rid of most coordinate
> calculations, which consumed a lot of CPU, and a lot of space code-wise.
> In many cases I was able to bypass them completely reducing the code
> size and greatly reducing the size of dependencies.
> Of course I realize that not everything is possible without various
> calculations. My initial plan was to split DnD into two packages:
> dojo.dnd and dojox.dnd. The former doesn't have any dependencies outside
> of the core. The latter can pull in a pixel calculating code from other
> dojox projects, and be less size-conscientious. It looks like now is the
> time to make this decision.
> What are guidelines for such split? Do we have any size limits we should
> not go over in dojo? Any other considerations I should be aware of?
> Thanks,
> Eugene
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