[dojo-contributors] Chart Markup Proposal

Tom Trenka ttrenka at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 18:11:15 EDT 2007

> I agree a Sound Forge style interface would be more useful than gmaps, and
> would allow you to actually get more out of your data (eg. see the entire Y
> axis but zoom the X axis and just show the area (X=100-120) that i'm
> interested in). Could the chart have more detail appear as you go in? [I
> know :P]

I don't want to try to write any kind of interpolation system into data
renderers, so the short answer is that it doesn't matter what level you zoom
into, all of the details will still be there.

The navigator box is pretty trivial except if you want it to be a min
> representation of the chart, because re-rendering the data would have to
> happen. The exception would be using Canvas since you can get a bitmap out
> of it, but AFAIK you can't do that for VML or SVG. I have code for
> navigator/overview boxes here which i could twist around pretty easily. How
> about passing the overview a %X and %Y for both the size and position wrt
> the axis, and an event is triggered when the user drags and releases it?

I am planning, in fact, on a small representation of the chart--which might
force me to do something along the lines of what you're talking about above.
 However, it might end up where I'll use a Sparkline to do the rendering in
that box (which seems logical), so that might not be a big deal.

Another maybe more useful option is to have X&Y scrollbars which allow
> someone to drag along the X & Y axis to reveal more data. Even cooler is
> making the scrollbars show the density of the data wrt that axis... eg. if
> the points are clustered around X=10 and X=1000, those areas in the
> "scrollbar" would be marked so you know where you should scroll to to see
> interesting things. Again, a bit like Sound Forge. I'm happy to whip up
> something like that if you think its a good idea.

I originally considered something like this, but the bottom line is that I'd
prefer the UI elements to be as minimal as possible.  One idea we could do
instead would be to provide what are known as "scrub bars" near each axis
(or at the ends of a chart), and you could use that to see at a glance where
in the chart you are.

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