[dojo-contributors] Chart Markup Proposal

Tom Trenka ttrenka at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 16:24:26 EDT 2007

Let me also add that like the 0.4 engine, anything that's line-based will
have a spline-like version as well (in 0.4, the
CurvedLine/CurvedArea/CurvedStackedArea etc.).  I may set that up so that to
make a line into a spline of some sort will depend on whether or not you
decide to set a tensioning factor (see

PS When I'm done with the current design rev, I'm fully planning on
incorporating most of both bookstack and neilj's SoC code, where
appropriate.  I'm hoping to have the 3d stuff in before Dojo Core's
1.0release, but I don't want to add all of it until Eugene has
incorporating dojox.gfx3d into the gfx engines.

> Pie
> Line
> Scatter
> Area
> Stacked Area
> Bubble
> Gantt
> High/Low
> High/Low/Open
> High/Low/Open/Close
> Horizontal Bar
> Horizontal Stacked Bar
> Vertical Bar
> Vertical Stacked Bar
> Pareto
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