[dojo-contributors] Online Book Part 2 Needs Tech Review

Craig Riecke craig at tofuna.com
Tue Aug 28 19:46:12 EDT 2007

OK, we've made some pretty good progress on the online book, all geared 
toward a Sept. 4 release date.  Although there's a few rough edges in 
the Dijit section, Part 2, I think it's ready for y'all to check the 
work.  Obviously, it'd be ideal for you to check the pages for widgets 
you helped create, but if you want to go further than that, that's cool 
with me!  A few things:

- All examples (except some Layout widgets and ProgressBar, which are 
last on my list to clean up) are complete, free-standing and use CDN.

- Accessibility info seems to be all there - Becky Gibson/Pete 
Brunet/Simon Bates/David Bolter wrote them so they should be accurate.

- All usable attributes should be listed on the page.  I decided to try 
and list all attributes and all inherited attributes (but not including 
_Widget and _Templated attributes) to make things as easy as possible on 
newbies.  Still, I wouldn't be surprised if there were omissions, 
because my method for creating the tables was automated but haphazard.

- I split functions into "methods" which users call and "extension 
points" which Dijit calls and users may override.  But since there's no 
technical distinction between the two, I guessed where each function 
belonged from code comments.

You can either edit the docs themselves, or write comment (I get 
notified whenever that happens), or just email me.  The only thing I ask 
is that you consult with me before making huge changes - I just wanna 
make sure we meet the deadline.

An exemplary job on Dijit, by the way!  My sincere respect and 
admiration go out to everyone involved.

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