[dojo-contributors] Changeset #10349

Tom Trenka ttrenka at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 14:50:36 EDT 2007

Hi guys,

I'm not sure the purpose behind pulling the IE specific dijitInline
definitions but the change breaks any Button that has an iconClass
attribute; if you take a look here first:


...you'll notice the inline defs have no problem with icons.  But if you try


...icons are gone (since the inline block no longer has any layout).

This change broke both IE6 and IE7.

If it's possible, could you guys please just double check when you touch
something that is used in a lot of different places?  I know we're doing a
lot of work, and it's not always easy to check every case.  But it would be
very helpful if we could keep in mind that altering something low-level may
have far-reaching implications.


P.S.  If it helps (though I had nothing to do with it), the zoom:1 in the
original forces the element to "have layout" in IE terms, which is the rough
equivilient of using display:inline-block, which we all know IE doesn't
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