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Alex Russell alex at dojotoolkit.org
Sun Aug 26 17:02:58 EDT 2007

On Tuesday 21 August 2007 2:04 pm, Jon Sykes wrote:
> Brian,
> This looks very interesting, and along similar lines to something I
> was playing around with a while ago for http://microjson.org/ the
> idea here was to try to convert and extend some of the microformat
> work into the JSON world, with the same aim.

This is an awesome idea! We should probably have MF->JSON converters 
somewhere in DojoX...should be simple enough to parse w/ dojo.query() 
and then you can just shove them into a data store to visualize them w/ 
Dojo widgets where CSS doesn't do the whole job.

What do you think?


> That you could end up 
> with having code (server or client) that could identify common
> 'chunks' of data out of a larger 'chunks' of data because it followed
> some loose JSON data form structure.
> My idea being that if everyone had for example "people data"
> structured the same way (jCard) in open API type services, it would
> make writing data parsers for mashup style applications all that
> easier.
> I did a bunch of research on creating JSON schema's (damned use the
> phrase Schema around ex-XML folk who are now JSON converts and they
> get VERY angry.)  I wanted to be able to have a way of showing the
> expected format (not necessarily for validation purposes - although
> that could open up other interesting doors of possibility).
> I'd love to see where this goes, and if I can do anything to help
> don't hesitate to ask.

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