[dojo-contributors] dijit.Tree assumes datastore implements Identity API

Jared Jurkiewicz jared.jurkiewicz at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 09:31:18 EDT 2007

Hence who Identity was optional in the first place.  for some endpoint
services, it may not simply be possible to generate a proper identity
that always referenced the same item from a query, such as noted

-- Jared Jurkiewicz

On 8/21/07, Brian Douglas Skinner <skinner at dojotoolkit.org> wrote:
> >>> if you do some query like
> >>>
> >>> getData.php?attr1=foo
> >>>
> >>> and then it returns a list of item without id's, you're stuck.
> >>> I'm not sure if that would ever happen in real life though?
> >> I see.  Thanks for the explanation.
> >>
> >> Even in that case, couldn't the datastore still assign unique
> >> id's to the items if it really wanted to?  The unique id could
> >> be a compound key with two parts, like "xyz-267", where "xyz"
> >> is a unique identifier for the query that was sent to the server,
> >> and "267" is the index of the item in the result set returned
> >> by the server?
> >
> > That's a bit too unique.  Two separate queries might return the
> > same item but with different id's.
> Right, but in that case there's really not much we can do.  If the
> server doesn't provide any sort of unique id's for us, and if the result
> sets of two different queries each include a "Jane Smith" record, then
> there's no reliable way for us to know if the two "Jane Smith" results
> both represent the same Jane Smith, or each represent a different Jane
> Smith.  The server isn't giving us enough info here, so we have to do
> the best with what we've got.
> :o) Brian
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