[dojo-contributors] mail demo!

Bill Keese bill at dojotoolkit.org
Mon Aug 20 11:51:01 EDT 2007

sam foster wrote:
> Do we have a name for the <script type="dojo/connect"> stuff? That
> looks like a interesting technique, but it needs some documentation.
> Likewise the Declaration. These both look like things I'd want to use,
> but they are new ideas.

Not enough.  I just wrote some release notes for Dijit 0.9 and put 
cursory info in there:


> A walkthrough of the demo would be great - with callouts to specific
> documentation where it exists. (and big ugly placeholders that spam
> the committers every time the page is hit where it doesnt :)
> I'd be glad to help put this together (the documentation/walkthrough that is)


> I know people are also going to ask: how do I make that store
> server-backed, in such a way that I can page through the list and not
> download the data for my entire inbox at once to populate the store.
> That seems to be dojo.data faq #1

Yup, and we need a demo of that.  Any volunteers?  I think just a PHP 
file that can handle queries and return JSON:


And then a dojo.data store to connect to it.

IIRC there's an SoC project to write a data store for MySQL but for the 
purposes of a mail demo I think something simpler is better.

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