[dojo-contributors] mail demo!

Bill Keese bill at dojotoolkit.org
Sat Aug 18 18:18:23 EDT 2007

I ported over the mail demo to 0.9 (well, Karl started the port and I
took it from there):


It's a pretty good dojo.data demo/tutorial; all the data is accessed via
dojo.data, and you can query messages based on folder (tag might be a
better word) or by sender.

It's using a sort-of poor man's FilteringTable based on Alex's example
code, which is pretty cool and is a good demo of dojo.Declaration.

The demoTable inlined widget and other parts of the mail test are good
examples of how to specify callback code for a widget via the <script>
tag (as a *child* of the widget).  Take a look.

And of course there's a lot of room for improvement.  We should even be
able to delete messages or add folders thanks to ItemFileWriteStore, but
the table widget needs to be updated to respond to such events on the store.

It's also uncovered a bunch of bugs which I'll be filing.  I encourage
you to use it as a test case.


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