[dojo-contributors] squid theme

sam foster potatosculptor at gmail.com
Sat Aug 18 00:49:37 EDT 2007

Grey is easy. I kind of like the brown - you dont see brown very much
- but I know what you mean. Charcoal grey / black is going to work
better in most places.

I'm may look into turning my photoshop actions into actual scripts
that could be parameterized - e.g. to hue shift / darken / lighten /
adjust levels. Its brown today because thats what you get when you
invert the pale blue. If a "real" designer wants to step in and make
visual decisions not based on the convenience of production, drop me a
line, I'd be happy to improve it - provided we keep a managable path
to/from tundra (or soria).

As someone pointed out, in FF the editor takes on the black background
color. I'll revist that once the dijit/dojo/theme css shuffle settles
down, and I've pulled the body styles. My take is the theme shouldnt
provide any color or style to what goes on inside the editor. If a
developer want e.g. to carry the background color into the editor so
their users are getting a more wysiwyg experience - that's for them to
do, not the theme.

Perhaps this thread is ready to move to the forums? Save the wear on
the delete key for some of you.

thanks for the feedback

On 8/17/07, Alex Russell <alex at dojotoolkit.org> wrote:
> I agree on the gradient, but not the brown. If it were transformed to
> grey instead of brown, I think it'd be a really sharp looking theme = )

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