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Tom Trenka ttrenka at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 16:07:07 EDT 2007

> > .tundra .dojoxWidgetName { }
> > .soria .dojoxWidgetName { }
> > .squid .dojoxWidgetName { }
> What if somebody adds new theme? Now we have to deal with a bunch of CSS
> files scattered through Dojo. Have this declarations in, say, tundra.css
> makes it simpler to maintain, and ultimately a theme creator will know
> what visuals to style just by looking at one file.

That's true, but at the same time if someone is writing a DojoX widget
that's not part of Dijit (and probably won't be ported over), I don't know
that there's a choice.

I think what Pete is proposing here is definitions in the widget's CSS file
that might or might not take into account Dijit themes, as opposed to adding
these definitions to the Dijit theme file.  It's not ideal but it keeps it
separate and simple--and it puts the onus on the widget author to keep it up
to date, which is something I'd prefer happen in DojoX anyways.  You
know--"and hey, it works with Dijit themes, too!"

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