[dojo-contributors] squid theme

peter e higgins dante at inpdx.net
Fri Aug 17 15:23:44 EDT 2007

I'll hijack this too, then.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the point of dijitTests.css to provide a 
baseline set of classes to make our test pages prettier?  Sam ran into 
something w/ squid having to over-ride a body background-image defined 
elsewhere (in dijitTests).  The prettyness in dijitTests doesn't affect the 
widget's themselves, but in the case of squid, affects it horribly.  (a blue 
gradient background over top of a darkish/brownish hue does not make my 
stomach feel well) ... a simple solution would be to have a 'default 
background gradient' for each of the supported themes in dijitTests.css eg:
body.tundra { }, body.squid { } ... 

We've also caught a bug or two where a dijit was in fact dependant on the 
styling provided by dojo.css, and as it is included in every test page (with 
dijitTests.css as well) we're not actually testing the dijit's by themselves.  
combobox margins being one of them.

My thoughts would be to move relevant dojo.css styles into dijit.css, and have 
theme.css import dijit.css as it's baseline (apart from the table definition 
in dojo.css), then remove dojo.css all together ... dojo core shouldn't be 
doing any styling, right?  but we're making ourselves dependant on it by 

eugene's question is a very valid one.  On the one hand, you'd want an avatar 
to match up with whatever theme you are doing. the obvious solution would be 
replicate in tundra/squid/soria/noir their own versions of avatars.  On the 
other hand, there is nothing saying people will be using dnd with dijit's, or 
tundra or any theme for that matter, so why make the component dependant on 
having tundra/dijit available?  I'm +1 dojo/resources/defaultDnd.css, and 
having an 'add on' implementation for each of the supported themes (but 
limited to their own "virtual namespace via" .themeName .className, as we're 
already doing with .tundra et al ... ) 


On Friday 17 August 2007 15:00, Tom Trenka wrote:
> > I think the DND CSS styles should be replicated in dijit.css, rather than
> > placed into a separate CSS file.  There will only be a tiny number of
> > rules, and we don't want folks to have to remember to include a separate
> > css file if they're draggin-and-droppin just for 5 rules.
> I agree with this as well; I'd see dojo/resources/dnd.css as a baseline for
> things like tests, and a definite redefinition of the same in Dijit--in the
> same way we'd look at the differences between dojo.css and dijit.css.  The
> idea would be that if you're using dojo.dnd directly, then you can use the
> resources/dnd.css file--but if something like Dijit is using it, feel free
> to have those definitions there.
> The main thing would be making sure DnD doesn't try to load dnd.css for
> you--just like we don't try to load dojo.css for you.
> trt

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