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Fri Aug 17 14:49:17 EDT 2007

I don't see this as a hijack as much as asking some important questions WRT
to the discussion...I think the question is pretty important, and goes to a
number of other things that people are asking.
To reiterate, Eugene has it (essentially) right: the original point of
dojo.css was to have something to use in our tests (since so many people
seem to think they are really demos), and to provide people with a really
quick-and-dirty stylesheet they can use for basic things.  In no way was it
intended to be the baseline for any kind of Dijit theming system--even
though that's the way it's been used.

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense to take up Owen's
suggestion of just letting Dijit provide it's own baseline CSS, and author
that one in such a way as to serve as the foundation for most theming

WRT DnD avatars, I'd suggest a separate CSS file in the resources directory
of Core, with clear instructions that you can use that as a baseline for
Dojo DnD, and then take the same approach: let Dijit create another CSS file
that can do the same for use in Dijit.


On 8/17/07, Eugene Lazutkin <eugene at lazutkin.com> wrote:
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> To me dojo.css is the way to style our tests/demos, and maybe use in
> quick-and-dirty pages I want to do. Themes provide a more comprehensive
> approach. Saying that I don't understand exactly why dojo.css and a
> theme css should be included together in the same page.
> Now allow me to hijack this lively discussion a little bit.
> In the course of addressing http://trac.dojotoolkit.org/ticket/3100 I
> want to add several rules for the default DnD avatar (of course, there
> is some reasonable default for using it without CSS). What is the most
> appropriate place for such rules? Should I add them to dojo.css and all
> themes? Theme support for the avatar is useful, so all UI components
> will be in the same style.
> Why is this an issue in the first place? Themes are in Dijit, while DnD
> is a part of the core, and the only component in core, which actually
> has a tiny bit of user interface component in it.
> Thanks,
> Eugene
> sam foster wrote:
> >> Doing that should counter-act the default table definitions set up in
> >> dojo.css.
> >
> > I guess I'm just at odds with this philosophically. While the reset of
> > the element margins/padding can be viewed as a good service, bleeding
> > into how a page looks crosses the line for me. Its no longer helping,
> > its getting in the way. Yes I can override, the question is why should
> > I have to? Augmenting defaults like this is just like saying
> > String.prototype.trim = function() { .. }. Handy, but invasive.
> > Provided I can always not include dojo.css, I dont feel strongly
> > enough about it though to dig up what Im sure was a long-made
> > decision, this is just some feedback from one themer. I assume if the
> > weight of community feedback asks for a change, we'll reconsider at
> > that point.
> >
> > Sam
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