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Eugene Lazutkin eugene at lazutkin.com
Fri Aug 17 14:09:33 EDT 2007

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To me dojo.css is the way to style our tests/demos, and maybe use in
quick-and-dirty pages I want to do. Themes provide a more comprehensive
approach. Saying that I don't understand exactly why dojo.css and a
theme css should be included together in the same page.

Now allow me to hijack this lively discussion a little bit.

In the course of addressing http://trac.dojotoolkit.org/ticket/3100 I
want to add several rules for the default DnD avatar (of course, there
is some reasonable default for using it without CSS). What is the most
appropriate place for such rules? Should I add them to dojo.css and all
themes? Theme support for the avatar is useful, so all UI components
will be in the same style.

Why is this an issue in the first place? Themes are in Dijit, while DnD
is a part of the core, and the only component in core, which actually
has a tiny bit of user interface component in it.



sam foster wrote:
>> Doing that should counter-act the default table definitions set up in
>> dojo.css.
> I guess I'm just at odds with this philosophically. While the reset of
> the element margins/padding can be viewed as a good service, bleeding
> into how a page looks crosses the line for me. Its no longer helping,
> its getting in the way. Yes I can override, the question is why should
> I have to? Augmenting defaults like this is just like saying
> String.prototype.trim = function() { .. }. Handy, but invasive.
> Provided I can always not include dojo.css, I dont feel strongly
> enough about it though to dig up what Im sure was a long-made
> decision, this is just some feedback from one themer. I assume if the
> weight of community feedback asks for a change, we'll reconsider at
> that point.
> Sam

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