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Tom Trenka ttrenka at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 13:15:50 EDT 2007

> I would recommend (in 1.0, anyway) that we do *not* assume that dojo.csshas been included, and instead include any rules we need from there in
> dijit.css.  Our examples may or may not include dojo.css, but we should
> not necessarily be telling other users of dojo that they need to include it.

I would actually concur with this.  I think this is probably a good idea;
having Dijit rely on the presence of this dojo stylesheet isn't defensive
enough in my book as it is, and it also helps to separate visual concerns
between projects.

dojo.css is really a lightweight "theme" for normal web pages -- it's not
> simply a "reset" (as in yui-reset.css) as I and many others have assumed.
> As such, I don't think users of dojo should need to include it.  Having to
> turn off a bunch of stylistic decisions is a pain, and anyone who has their
> own branded look will most likely immediately have to turn off some of those
> rules from dojo.css.

Again, this is exactly right.  This is good info, too: I have an outstanding
bug to "document dojo.css" but I'd forgotten exactly what I needed to
document :)   One of the main purposes of the stylesheet was to help make
our tests not look like ass, and it's something that we just use as a
starting point for other things.

I do agree with Tom that dijit needs to be coded defensively, within
> reason.  However, I still feel that the troublesome rules for TABLE should
> be taken out of dojo.css, if we're expecting anyone to use it on their own
> pages.

See above :)  I like the idea of Dijit providing it's own baseline as
opposed to relying on the one in the Dojo Core a lot.  I think it will
simplify things in the long run--even if you start by copying the contents
of dojo.css and removing the table definitions.

Bear in mind that if someone *does* include dojo.css anyways, you'll still
probably want to take that into account.

And a different name may be warranted, as "dojo.css" makes it seem like
> something that *has* to be included.

I'm open to suggestions, though bear in mind that if we do rename it, we'll
need to pull a massive update (a la Scott's recent declare one).

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