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Fri Aug 17 12:16:27 EDT 2007

It's been probably the most controversial part of dojo.css, that's for sure.
 But the goal of dojo.css isn't to provide a baseline for themers; it's to
provide a quick stylesheet that anyone can use, and not have the site look
like ass (for lack of a better term).  The table style defs in it make the
assumption that you're using a table for its stated purpose, which is data
If you're using a table for layout, then IMHO you'd be resetting it for your
needs anyways.  In fact, after I sent that email, i realized that probably
you'd only want to reset it for things specific to your theme, and not
overall.  It makes for a small amount of additional work, but then you need
to remember as well that other stylesheets might be in play that you have
absolutely no control over, and you'll probably want to make sure you write
your theme accordingly (i.e. there might be other stylesheets doing similar
things to tables).  This was the point I was making a long time ago to both
Torrey and Owen (Tundra and Noir, respectively), and while Owen had some
issues with it, Torrey immediately understood what I was getting at, and
wrote Tundra accordingly.


On 8/17/07, sam foster <potatosculptor at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Doing that should counter-act the default table definitions set up in
> > dojo.css.
> I guess I'm just at odds with this philosophically. While the reset of
> the element margins/padding can be viewed as a good service, bleeding
> into how a page looks crosses the line for me. Its no longer helping,
> its getting in the way. Yes I can override, the question is why should
> I have to? Augmenting defaults like this is just like saying
> String.prototype.trim = function() { .. }. Handy, but invasive.
> Provided I can always not include dojo.css, I dont feel strongly
> enough about it though to dig up what Im sure was a long-made
> decision, this is just some feedback from one themer. I assume if the
> weight of community feedback asks for a change, we'll reconsider at
> that point.
> Sam
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